Surely one of the most loved activities at children’s parties is face painting with special skin colours.
With the help of an infinite number of designs, the little ones will be able to transform themselves into another character, animal, hero or whatever they can imagine! This is an activity that the little ones will certainly never get bored of, and will certainly make a successful party one to remember!
Established Face Painting designs include: butterfly, Disney princesses, tiger, Spiderman, puppy, kitty, Batman, Superman.
The creativity of the Face Painter is, however, often put to the test by the wild imagination of children, who often happen to have the most unusual wishes, but the Rainbow World team will certainly fulfill the wishes of the little angels.
Here at Rainbow World we do Face Painting only with Snazaroo and Diamond FX professional products, which are the best special skin paints, non-toxic and, of course, anti-allergic. Any other acrylic or tempera paints are not suitable for skin painting, let alone on the sensitive skin of young children, even though they are described by the manufacturer as non-toxic and we advise parents to be vigilant when it comes to materials used in public spaces such as commercial galleries where such services are sometimes offered.
Paint cleaning
The most frequently asked question by parents is, of course, about cleaning the paint off their little ones’ faces. Well, thorough cleaning shouldn’t be a problem, perhaps except for the stronger shades applied in large quantities, which will clean up in two or three washes.
Put a small amount of liquid face soap or normal soap on the hand and moisten with very little water. With the resulting lather, without adding any more water for the time being, rub the painted areas so that the colours dissolve and blend well together. Only after the colours have dissolved into the soap should the face be rinsed with plenty of water. If necessary, repeat the cleaning with the same steps. Instead of soap, a cleansing lotion can also be used, but the mixture of lotion and colours should be wiped off with cotton wool pads and rinsed thoroughly with water.
Note: Only after the colours are mixed and ‘dissolved’ in the soap, rinse the face thoroughly with water. If a large amount of water is applied first and then soap the colour will come out more heavily.